Thick-Cut Pork Jerky
快車肉乾 招牌特厚秘製豬肉乾

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For more than 30 years, KUAICHE has grilled their pork jerkies with own-brand recipe every single day. The pork is brushed with old-fashioned, secret-recipe soy sauce passed down in the family and then slowly roasted until it’s done; when the jerky is roasting, you can smell the deliciousness from all across the market. Now, KUAICHE is among the top 100 best-selling brands on online shopping sites! KUAICHE’s Thick-Cut Pork Jerky is cut into strips for your convenience so there is no fuss in eating. The Thick-Cut Pork Jerky is chewy and flavorful, rich but not greasy, and the black pepper flavored pork jerky is a must-buy! Gift-giving is a major culture in Asia. During any given holiday, people in Asia will prepare a gift to bring with them when they visit friends and family. KUAICHE’s Thick-Cut Pork Jerky comes in an exquisite packaging that is packed with amazingly rich flavors, making them the best gift choice! Check out more for products on KUAICHE website: http://www.kuaiche.com.tw/