Organic Cleansing Flakes
膜殿 有機植萃洗臉紙

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MASKINGDOM has created a wonderful product that brings fashion and Taiwanese culture together. With “souvenir-worthy masks” as its highlight, MASKINGDOM has launched designer masks that embody Taiwan’s beauty; the innovation integrates art with medical beauty, winning it accolades at Germany’s Red Dot Design Awards and U.S.A.’s INPEX (Invention and New Product Exposition) By applying a high-pressure/low-temperature drying technology, MASKINGDOM’s Organic Cleansing Flakes compresses extracts from 8 organic plants into thin sheets measuring only 0.01mm. Containing shea butter, chameleon plant, and aloe vera, the Organic Cleansing Flakes can remove makeup, cleanse the skin, and also provide skincare, making it a 3-in-1 wonder product. With the hot weather in tropical countries, the skin is often burdened by the combination of makeup, dirt, and sweat; while MASKINGDOM’s Organic Cleansing Flakes can help your skin regain freshness and cleanliness! Each box is adorned with Taiwanese art and small packaging makes it a perfect on-the-go companion, so you can give your skin the best care wherever you may go! Check out more for products on MASKINGDOM website: