Büng Pop!! Series
米大師 寶寶棒棒系列

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MASTER MI offers a rich selection of baby foods that are all 100% natural with zero additives. The simple yet flavorful products are low in sodium and easy to digest, making sure that your baby gets all the healthy nutrition it needs! MASTER MI’s Büng Pop!! Series are made with high-quality whole rice grains; it is crispy but not sticky and is packed with great nutritional value, making them perfectly ideal for a teething baby, who can grab it the hands for eating practices! MASTER MI’s all-natural nutritious products are here to make baby-raising easier and healthier for. Parents no longer have to worry about additives in their baby’s food, and the babies will love the all-natural flavors of MASTER MI’s Büng Pop!! Series so much that they will not let go of it from their little hands! Check out for more on MASTER MI website: