Whitening Moisturizing Bio-cellulose Mask
MEI-EAL 非洲星芒花-美白保濕生物纖維面膜

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With “Halal Certification” and all-natural products, MEI-EAL has successfully launched its products in Malaysia, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, accumulating a lot of loyal fans in different countries across the Middle-East and Asia. MEI-EAL’s Hypoxis Rooperi Extract-Whitening Moisturizing Bio-cellulose Mask is created using certified-organic plant extractions – precious Hypoxis rooperi, endosperm from Peru’s tara trees, lavender oil, and tranexamic acid. These fine ingredients come together to brighten your skin, moisturize it, and correct dark spots. The bio-cellulose mask is made with fermented coconut water instead of wood pulp, making it eco-friendly. MEI-EAL will continue to indulge our consumers with natural and non-toxic materials; there is no better choice to pamper your skin by nature! Check out more for Masks on MEI-EAL website: