Power Wheelchair
美利馳 電動輪椅

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Always 100% made in Taiwan, MERITS’s mobility scooters and motorized wheelchairs are specifically designed for the elderly. Its high quality and convenient functions were created with the elderly’s needs in mind; besides winning the Taiwan Excellence Award multiple times, MERITS’s products have been popular in China, Australia, Spain, and Israel. MERITS’ Power Wheelchair comes equipped with a suspension shock absorber mechanism that reduces shaking when the road is uneven, giving the user a better road experience. The Power Wheelchair features a turning seat, facilitating easy entrance for the user. The front and backlighting systems make it safer to ride around during night hours. MERITS cares deeply for the safety of the elderly and disabled, which is why MERITS created the Power Wheelchair to make it safe for users to go out and about. Now, you can ride or roam freely on the outdoors without feeling unsafe – live a better life! Check out more for products on MERITS website: