MiVue™ 733 WIFI Dash Cam
Mio MiVue™ 733 WIFI 行車紀錄器

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Constantly launching new products, Mio has become indispensable to the lives of numerous consumers. With safe driving as its utmost emphasis, Mio has successfully made its mark in the global market with its motorcycle and car cameras, winning multiple nominations at the iF Design Award, making it the to-go brand for car camera. The MiVue™ 733 WIFI Dash Cam features 1080p high-quality video recording that helps capture every detail of your trip; moreover, when connected to WiFi, the camera can instantly upload videos to its MiVue Pro app. It also comes equipped with ADAS (advanced driver-assistance system), LDWS (lane departure warning system), FCWS (forward-collision warning system), and FA (fatigue detection and alert system), all of which help ensure the driver’s safety. Mio’s MiVue™ 733 WIFI Dash Cam is your best companion for going on the road. Not only does it keep an eye on driving safety for you, but it can also alert you in time with its multiple warning systems, giving the driver and the passengers the most comforting protection. Looking for safer journey? Mio is now available at Amazon.in Check out more for products on Mio website: https://www.mio.com We got you covered.