Salted Yolk Cookies
強森先生 鹹蛋黃千層酥

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MR. JOHNSON selected only the finest local natural ingredients in Taiwan, determined to present a series of the most authentic souvenir for all visitors. MR. JOHNSON has successfully made its way into China, Southeast Asia, and North America, introducing Taiwanese gourmet to the world. Abound with its rich aroma and golden, creamy egg yolk, “Salty eggs” are a mouth-watering traditional dish in Taiwan. MR. JOHNSON extracts the flavor from the home dish with French mille-feuille baking techniques, transforming the cookies clothing from stiffening to a joyful crunchy texture. The marriage between the earthiness and richness from the egg yolk displays the natural flavors of the ingredients. MR. JOHNSON’s Salty Yolk Cookies are unique in flavor yet definitely will remind you of some dishes from home. Pick up a pack and gift it to someone you love so that more people can share the delights of Taiwan’s local gourmet! Check out for more MR. JOHNSON at