Black Pearl Brightening Mask
我的美麗日記 黑珍珠煥白面膜

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MY BEAUTY DIARY is Taiwan’s first-ever beauty mask brand. Their products are designed specifically for Asian women, and they have achieved great success in markets around the world, such as South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Thailand. MY BEAUTY DIARY searched for black pearls grown in waters around Tahiti and extracted their hydrolysis essence, which was then infused into the Black Pearl Brightening Mask. The mask can reverse skin weariness and darkness, liven up your skin, and keep your skin bright and healthy, glowing like the shimmering black pearls of Tahiti. Sought after by girls and women alike, MY BEAUTY DIARY’s Black Pearl Brightening Mask pampers the most delicate female skin; moreover, it is specifically tailored for the Asian weather and environment. A complimentary addition to any skincare routine, MY BEAUTY DIARY definitely offers the best face mask an Asian girl can dream of! Check out more for Masks on MY BEAUTY DIARY website :