Plum Essence
橙姑娘 梅精

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ORANGELADY is an uprising healthy brand in Taiwan. It is known for its unique product “Plum Essence that Tells”, and its fun, interactive ways of approaching consumers in the cyber world. It is believed that each time you had a Plum Essence, the flavor in your mouth would vary due to your health conditions, tell you what kind of future health problem you should look after. ORANGELADY uses plums grown in toxic-free environments; the fresh, green plums were picked in the early morning and gathered into the hot pot, being cooked over 72 hours before processing into organic acid essence. ORANGELADY is proud of using absolutely zero additives, 100% organically-made products. The Plum Essence can regulate your physical functions and skincare concerns; boost your energy while improving bowel movements. The Plum Essence comes in small packages, making it a perfect companion for busy business travelers. The Plum Essence is a doctor from nature – it looks after the modern people and makes an effort to make you stay healthy. Check out more ORANGELADY at