Black Rose Makeup Removing Lotion / Hibiscus Syriacus Makeup Removing Lotion
天堂花園 黑玫瑰深層卸妝精華 / 木槿全能卸妝精華

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Guarded by skin experts and professional botanists, PARADISO GARDEN brings you the world’s first-ever serum-graded “makeup removing lotion,” which features plant-based, non-toxic ingredients that will beautify your look in the purest and most natural way. PARADISO GARDEN uses a secret plant oil formula to create a selection of 100% natural, non-toxic makeup removing lotions. The collection features two prominent products – the Black Rose Makeup Removing Lotion magically absorbs oil and reverses darkening, cleansing and brightening the skin, while the Hibiscus Syriacus Makeup Removing Lotion combats aging and removes fine lines. If you are someone who is too busy to worry about complicated skincare routines, PARADISO’s Makeup Removing Lotion collection is the perfect fit for you because it tackles makeup removal and skincare at the same time. It will give your skin refreshing and beautifying care with the simplest and easiest routine. Check out more for products on PARADISO GARDEN website: