P-703 Snow Insulation Paint
金絲猴 P-703 白雪隔熱漆

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Devoted to developing novel waterproof and insulation materials, PLIMATES has created a line of waterproof glue and paint materials that can be widely applied to architectural designs, making it the leading brand in the industry. PLIMATES’ P-703 Snow Insulation Paint are made with nanotech hollow ceramic spheres that are non-toxic and great in heat insulation. It can be used on roofs or outer surfaces to insulate outside heat, acting like a sunscreen for the edifice. As global warming takes its turn, we are seeing record-breaking high temperatures all the time. In order to balance these climate effects, simply apply PLIMATES’ P-703 Snow Insulation Paint to your building, and it will become your solution to indoor sultriness. It will also reduce your need for air-conditioning, which is great for your utility bill and our planet! Check out more for products on PLIMATES website: