PPLs® 健祐全口腔噴劑 /綠蜂膠喉糖

Wow! Taiwan E-Catalog

PPLs® was the first to discover that the Taiwanese green propolis exceeds propolis of all other countries in the effect of strengthening neural functions. For this remarkable discovery, PPLs® was granted patents in Taiwan, China, U.S.A., Australia, the European Union, and South Korea, bringing the Taiwanese green propolis to the international market. PPLs®’s IMMUBLESS SPRAY uses a unique extraction technique to obtain green propolis extract considered to be a “natural antibiotic.” With the addition of Japanese honeysuckle and rosehip, PPLs®’s IMMUBLESS SPRAY also helps combat tooth decay and inflammation. Simply apply the Spray 1~3 times daily, and you will enjoy a fresh, minty breath! The small packaging also makes it easy to carry around with you! PPLs®’s LOZENGE contains rare Taiwanese green propolis essence that will give your throat the best care; its cooling effect can soothe any discomfort while freshening your breath! Anything from a busy, tiresome lifestyle to an unhealthy diet can affect your oral health and breath. To avoid embarrassing social situations, use PPLs®’s Spray and LOZENGE to help you maintain a pleasant breath – they will not only freshen your breath but also freshen your image! Check out more for products on PPLs® website: https://www.naturewiseppls.com/