Vacuum Tube Solar Collector
誠芳能源科技 真空管太陽能集熱器

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As a leading brand in solar-assisted heat pumps, R&G ENERGY SERVICE provides a one-stop service from manufacturing, distribution, installation, and maintenance of its products. It is not only the designated brand of the Taiwanese government, but also the choice of many universities, companies, and families. R&G ENERGY SERVICE’s Vacuum Tube Solar Collector absorbs and stores solar radiation energy and then uses it to heat up water. It forms a natural circulation with the keg while its vacuum glass tube prevents heat loss, a feature unprecedented in traditional heaters. Since the weather is often sunny in Asia, solar energy products are a perfect fit here, receiving great momentum in the past years. R&G ENERGY SERVICE’s Vacuum Tube Solar Collector is your first step to solar energy use in home life; it will also reduce your electricity bill while making your home eco-friendly! Check out more for products on R&G ENERGY SERVICE website https://www.service-energy.com/