4 inch 120cm LED
易省王 4呎120cmLED燈管

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An enthusiastic promoter of eco-friendliness and environment protection, SAVER LIGHT is the most famous energy-saving LED lighting brand in Taiwan. SAVER LIGHT has been actively developing lighting equipment that feature solar energy and LED bulbs, striving to achieve the goal of a sustainable environment and green energy! SAVER LIGHT’s 4 inch 120cm LED lights have the highest energy efficiency ratio and lowest wattage in the world. It can reach as much as 72.5% in energy efficiency ratio, significantly reducing daily power consumption while still providing the same powerful lighting! With advancements made in technology, traditional light bulbs are becoming obsolete while people expect more from their lighting products. SAVER LIGHT’s 4 inch 120cm LED are great in energy saving, giving your daily life both quality and efficiency! Check out more for products on SAVER LIGHT website: