先麥食品 蔬果同堂脆條

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SHAN MAI FOOD started out making handmade Taiwanese pastries. Dedicated to providing “honest and healthy” products, SHAN MAI FOOD uses trehalose as a sweetener for a healthier alternative and their delicacies are always baked and never deep-fried. Their exceptional quality products were chosen to feature in Taiwanese state banquets and have won awards at Germany’s prestigious iF Design Award. The Krunchee-Veg combines natural ingredients such as taro, sweet potato, broccoli, and carrots to create veggie crunch sticks using cutting-edge vacuum processing technology. Krunchee-Veg’s beautifully natural color and crunchy texture brings you the pleasantly natural flavor of whole foods. The idea of eating healthy has become popular over the years; however, it is hard for people to balance a healthy diet with a busy modern lifestyle. SHAN MAI FOOD can help! With the Krunchee-Veg – it is a convenient and healthy snack for children and adults alike! Check out more for products on SHAN MAI FOOD website: