Folding Bed

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SIMPLE LIFE started out as a manufacturer of professional folding beds, so when it comes to the consumer needs for beds and mattresses, SIMPLE LIFE knows it best. SIMPLE LIFE offers 6- and 14-segment folding beds that are easy to store, exhibit great quality and performance, and the perfect addition to families with children or elderlies. These beds have also obtained various safety inspection certificates, so you know it’s safe for your family. SIMPLE LIFE’s Folding Bed requires no assembly at home. It is easy to operate and simple enough that even a light-handed lady or elderly can fold and store it. Ergonomically designed, the folding bed is the perfect height, minimizing stress to the hip and knees! The three-layer memory foam mattress is soft and comfy, offering you a good night’s sleep every night so you can stay fresh all day long! SIMPLE LIFE understands your needs for comfort and convenience, so the folding bed collection is created specifically for those who have limited space at home or who often entertain overnight guests. It is certainly the handiest and coziest beds and mattress choice on the market! Check out more for products on SIMPLE LIFE website: