Odor Free Socks

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Uniquely designed and always MIT (Made in Taiwan), SNUG SPORT offers multi-function anti-odor sports products that are beloved by athletes and business workers alike. Their products have helped numerous people get rid of odor problems and live a fresher life! SNUG SPORT’s Odor Free Socks combine Japanese anti-odor gauze with American cotton, which can quickly eliminate the ammonia odor in sweat. With a 99% odor removal rate, the Odor Free Socks feature breathable, sweat-absorbing material that keeps your feet dry and comfortable. The high gauge knitting keeps the well fitted and comfortable on your feet. Tropical countries are hot and humid, and while it is hard to stop the sweat, the odor and itchiness follow along. If you have the same troubles, then you should leave it to SNUG SPORT’s Odor Free Socks to help you break free from such irritation! The Odor Free Socks can remove feet odor in 10 seconds, giving you a refreshed, comfortable feeling! Check out more for products on SNUG website: