Portable Strip Device
速析能 可攜式試紙檢測儀

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With “innovation and health” as its philosophy, SOCIUM brings high-tech IT technology into the health industry, breaking free from traditional medical practices. SOCIUM has launched all kinds of inventive home care medical equipment, integrating medical care into the daily life, making the lives of so many people easier and more convenient. SOCIUM’s Portable Strip Device connects to your smart phone, tracks your daily physiological condition, and provides accurate analysis via cloud-based data analysis. If you are trying to conceive, t also provides simple at-home urine tests that help monitor ovulation cycles, increasing you chances of getting pregnant while offering helpful health-related advice. The Portable Strip Device saves precious time for you by allowing you to run simple strip tests at home without leaving your busy life. You can also benefit from the app’s health analysis function and, moreover, use it for food safety or pet condition tracking – everyone wins! Check out more for products on SOCIUM website: