Cheese Pineapple Pastry / French Nougat
糖村 起司鳳梨酥、牛軋糖

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SUGAR & SPICE have been voted as “must-buy souvenir in Taiwan” for numerous times. The delicate, perfectly- wrapped gift sets remain No.1 holiday gifts among tourists, home and abroad. Under the finest pastry-making process, the pineapple jam and white gourd jam packed with the tartness from tropical fruit and freshness of white gourd. SUGAR & SPICE encrust this jam filling with a Parmesan-infused pastry shell – a unique filling of our own creation – and this combination of cheese-aromatic pastry shell with sweet-and-sour fruit filling will give every bite a wonderful taste. SUGAR & SPICE’s French nougats contain high-quality almonds that were roasted at low temperature for 3 hours. The almonds are then combined with rich French butter, fresh egg whites, and milk powder in the perfect ratio to create mouth-watering bites of nougats, which are then placed into elegant gift boxes – you won’t resist taking one home with you! SUGAR & SPICE’s sweet delicacies are not only deliciously decadent but also beautifully presented and packaged, making them the ideal choice for an unforgettable gift to someone you wish to impress or make happy! Take a box home with you today and dive in the sweets with your loved ones! Check out more at SUGAR SPICE: