847 Projected-out window
大同鋁業 847外推鋁窗

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As a longstanding brand in Taiwan, TA TUNG ALUMINIUM has been passing down its unique methodologies from one generation to the next, developing windows that fit contemporary needs. With its high-quality products and great business image, TA TUNG ALUMINIUM has become the most professional supplier of aluminum extrusion materials. TA TUNG ALUMINIUM’s 847 Projected-Out Window demonstrates great qualities in airtightness, soundproofing, and water penetration resistance. With safety features such as burglar-proof and fall prevention, the 847 Projected-Out Window has a curved and sleek design that makes it not only functional but aesthetic! The window is the most important design component in an architectural structure, so you must choose the best window! TA TUNG ALUMINIUM’s 847 Projected-Out Window is not only safe and reliable, but it has also been certified as green building materials – so you are not only safeguarding your house but also protecting our environment! Check out more for products on TA TUNG ALUMINIUM website: https://www.ttaltd.com.tw/