Sweet Touch (lychee)
台灣啤酒 果微醺(荔枝)

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TAIWAN BEER is one of the best beer brands in Taiwan’s Beer industry. It has repeatedly won the Good Quality Awards at “the Monde Selection” and has established its place in markets around the world, including U.S.A., Australia, Japan, China, Singapore, and South Korea. TAIWAN BEER’s lychee-flavored beer – the Sweet Touch (lychee) – is made from top quality lychee and has 3.5% alcohol content. It is especially and extremely popular with female consumers. When you pop the can, a burst of sweetness fills the air; the crisp flavor will soothe the summer heat, and the tipsiness will melt away all your troubles. No one could say no to a nice, cool beer. People like to gather by the river, on the streets, or at the front porch to drink and hang out. TAIWAN BEER’s Sweet Touch is perfect for such a relaxing yet lively occasion – it provides the excitement of beer with a touch of fruity sensation. Check out for more on TAIWAN BEER website: https://www.twbeer.com.tw/