LED Lighting Ventilation Fan
TUMÄ 超節能DC變頻直流馬達LED換氣扇

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After years and years of dedicated efforts in innovating motor products, TUMÄ has finally become a global leading brand in precision electronics and micro fans. It has obtained 2568 patents around the world and currently holds the number one market share among mainstream AC/DC axial fan manufacturers. TUMÄ’s LED Lighting Ventilation Fan combines bathroom ventilation fans with LED lighting, providing great effects in dehumidification, ventilation, and exhaustion. Compared to traditional products, it can save up to 80% of the energy, offering amazing energy saving benefits. TUMÄ’s LED Lighting Ventilation Fan is an innovation to traditional ventilators; the added LED lighting saves precious space in your home, making your home life roomier and more power efficient! Check out more for products on TUMÄ website: https://tuma.sunon.com/