SID 3D Camera Cinematic Kit
愛拍光電 SID三軸3D攝影機組

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WEEVIEW, a newly established brand in Taiwan, is devoted to developing intelligent image processing. WEEVIEW’s products bring consumers a whole new world of VR/AR to embrace the wonders of technology as it records and walks us through each and every memorable image of our lives. The SID 3D Camera Cinematic Kit is an innovative product in the field of 3D filming. The design emphasizes lightweight portability and user-friendliness; the handheld stabilizer gimbal offers great stability to prevent camera shake. Meanwhile, the dual-camera design simulates the human eye viewpoint with a 2880×1440(3K) resolution, providing crystal-clear, high-quality images. With its unique qualities, the SID 3D Camera Cinematic Kit brings you cutting-edge technology that will help you create films that capture every important moment of your life. It is a must-have device for anyone who loves to film! WEEVIEW is now available at Amazon.in Check out more for products on WEEVIEW website: https://www.weeview.co/