N1 Warm/Cool Electronic Scarf
WiB X G2T 冷熱溫控電子圍巾

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As Taiwan’s first shopping platform to be founded by a logistics company, WiB X G2T has the unique advantage of using its online platform and delivery channels to bring exceptional merchandise to over 100 countries around the world. It has opened a door for introducing Taiwanese goods to the international market. WiB X G2T’s N1 Warm/Cool Electronic Scarf is ergonomically designed to fit your neck, adjustable to fit all sizes. It can regulate temperature as desired; You can use it to cool down the temperature around you, any annoying sultriness from exercising or warm weather could not do harm. Or, you can use its heat function to warm up your body, relax your post-exercise muscles, stimulating blood circulation and boosting the immune system. The weather in tropical countries can feel like a fireplace, with everyone trying to find shelter under shades and in indoor air-conditioning. With WiB X G2T’s N1 Warm/Cool Electronic Scarf, you can find your desired temperature – hot or cold – at any time, any place; its high-end smart technology helps us stay comfortable in all kinds of scenarios. Check out more for products on WiB X G2T website: https://www.worldibuy.com/