YS Electric Submersible Pump
詠和 YS系列沉水泵

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With more than 40 years of experience in pump manufacturing, YONG HO PUMPS has never ceased to pursue better and greater quality. Its pump systems can be found all around Taiwan and, to keep up with the international standards, YONG HO PUMPS has been developing innovative products that are eco-friendly and energy-efficient, making its way into the green industry. YONG HO PUMPS’s YS Electric Submersible Pump feature motors and pumps that are completely submersible, saving space on the surface machine room. Not only does it consume little power, but its closed water seal design removes the need for filter exchange, making maintenance so much easier. YONG HO PUMPS’s YS Electric Submersible Pump is not only easy to install, but it also resolves water resource issues while saving energy and materials. It has the best quality and performance among energy-saving products on the market, leading us to a more convenient and eco-friendlier life! Check out more for products on YONG HO PUMPS website: http://www.yonghopumps.com/