Taipei: New Techhub of AI

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In this day and age of knowledge economy, especially when AI technology is thriving, industry development is changing around the world. In the midst of it all, Taiwan, being advantageous with its world-leading abilities in semiconductor manufacturing, subsystem development, and AI talent cultivation, has earned its place in the global arena. This year, Taiwan has been proudly selected by several American tech gurus as a destination of investment. Google, for one, has opened a new office in Taiwan; following that, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon all have plans to increase their investment in Taiwan, expanding recruits and setting up new offices. All of these are bringing Taiwan close to its new status as “Asia’s Silicon Valley.”

As a world-renown brand, KLACCI has launched numerous door lock products for families and offices; in recent years, KLACCI has even taken Taiwan’s AI technology advantage one step further and developed biometric door locks. KLACCI’s iF Facial Recognition Smart Lock turns smartphones into a key and recognition device for door locks; it even boasts a remote management function, which is a cutting-edge technology.

The admin of an iF Facial Recognition Smart Lock can send out e-certificates via the Internet to multiple users, such as a family member or company worker, and set up an access time limit. For the authorization process, the admin doesn’t need to be physically close to the door; once access is approved, the user can use their passcode, fingerprint, or even the more sensitive facial recognition to unlock the door using their smartphone. The door will be unlocked as long as the smartphone is within 2 meters from the door and successfully establishes Bluetooth connection with the door. Meanwhile, the admin can use their smartphone to check for records of door-unlocking and user access. iF Facial Recognition Smart Lock’s intelligence and security makes it the perfect product for families, workplaces, or short-term lease units.

Through collaboration between top-notch experts and engineers in Taiwan, IRON YUN created a multifunctional AI video surveillance software that is based on end-to-end private clouds. IRON YUN spent more than four years developing the VSaaS solution, obtaining more than 30 U.S. patents and becoming the pioneer in today’s AI technology field.

The highlights of IRON YUN’s AI NVR (AI Video Analytics System) include its time-saving feature and swift recognition ability. It can be applied for real-time image searching, high-precision intrusion detection, facial recognition, and license plate recognition. It only takes 2 seconds to run quick recognition using its multiple cameras, and it is also equipped with a real-time alarm function.

When used at home, the IRON YUN’s AI NVR can work with your lighting and temperature control systems. The AI NVR can detect the number of people currently at home and adjust lighting or air conditioning temperature to maximize energy efficiency at all times. The AI NVR can also be used in hotels to help manage security or in airports to help manage incoming and outgoing of crowds. Major institutions such as schools, government buildings, and banks can all benefit from the AI NVR with its security management function.

In Taiwan, many tech-related industries have joined the international scene by demonstrating their exceptional products and technology. Because of Taiwan, many countries have enjoyed the more convenient life that AI technology can bring us; in the future, more and more people will experience Taiwan’s superior tech products!