About Us

Who We Are

Wow! Taiwan Project selects the most innovative and cutting-edge products and technology solutions from Taiwan. We aim to connect suppliers and buyers all over the world to do business.

Founded by TITA(International Trade Administration,Ministry of Economic Affairs) and implemented by CDRI (Commerce Development Research Institute), Wow! Taiwan Project has created a safe online D2B (Direct to Business) platform for buyers and suppliers to exchange and connect, ensuring business growth is guaranteed through customized services.

Our Buyers

Wow! Taiwan Project has been endorsed by buyers across industries from all over the world.



Appointed by BOFT, CDRI has held international buyer & supplier summits in ASEAN and India with more than 10 events and over 5,000 participants.


With more than 100 Taiwanese businesses participating, Wow! Taiwan Select planned 7 pop-up shop campaigns in the major cities of Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand.


Wow! Taiwan Project created an online D2B platform for diverse industries and markets and achieved more than 2,000 business sourcing matches for more than 500 local businesses.


Wow! Taiwan Project initiated comprehensive digital solutions to meet the supply and demands of buyers and suppliers.