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All personal information handled by Wow! Taiwan Project has been collected, stored and managed based on relevant Acts and Articles.

The 「Personal Information Protection Act」 provides general criteria for the handling of personal information, and Wow! Taiwan Project will handle personal information, to be collected, stored and managed in accordance with the Article of the Act, legally and appropriately for proper performing of public services and for protecting user’s right and interest.

In addition, Wow! Taiwan Project respects the interests of users such as access, correction, deletion and suspension of personal information as prescribed by relevant Acts and Articles. Users may request an administrative appeal in accordance with the Administrative Appeal Act in relation to the infringement of rights and interests in this Act.

Wow! Taiwan Project formulates and discloses the following personal information management policy to protect the personal information and the rights and interests of owner of information according to the “Personal Information Protection Act” in order to seamlessly handle user’s complaints related to personal information.

Purpose of Personal Information Management

Wow! Taiwan Project manages personal information for following purpose. Management of personal information won’t be used for any purposes other than the following purposes and will take necessary measures such as obtaining separate consent, etc according to the Personal Information Protection Act in case the purpose of usage is altered.
Wow! Taiwan Project, the purpose of the personal information file management to be registered and disclosed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.
Personal Information Management and Retention Period
Wow! Taiwan Project manages and retains personal information within the period of retaining or using personal information in accordance with the article and the Act or during the period of using or retaining personal information consented from owner of information when to collect personal information.

Providing Personal Information to a Third Party

Wow! Taiwan Project shall, in principle, manage the personal information of the owner of information within the scope specified for the purpose of collection and usage, and except for the following cases, will not manage beyond the scope of its original purpose or not provide to a third party without the prior consent of the owner of information.

  1. The case to obtain separate consent from owner of information
  2. The case special articles are prescribed in the Act and the Articles.
  3. As the case where owner of information or legal representative is unable to give the declaration of his/her consent or is unable to obtain prior consent due to unknown address, the case clearly admitted to be necessary for the benefit of owner of information or third party’s imminent life, body, property
  4. As the case necessary for statistical writing and academic research purposes, the case to provide personal information in a form that can’t identify a specific individual
  5. As the case the personal information is used for intended purposes other than the purpose or if not provided to a third party, the duties stipulated by other Act cannot be performed, the case to pass through deliberation and resolution of the protection committee
  6. The case to be necessary to provide to foreign governments or international organizations for performing treaties or other international agreements
  7. The case to be necessary for investigating crimes, and filing and maintaining the prosecution
  8. The case to be necessary to perform the court’s trial
  9. The case to be necessary to execute punishment as well as custody, probation

Entrustment of Personal Information Management

  1. Wow! Taiwan Project has entrusted personal information management for a seamless personal information management.
  2. Wow! Taiwan Project has been storing the content of contract to clearly prescribe to comply with Personal Information Protection Act, to prohibit providing personal information to a third party as well as liability, etc when Wow! Taiwan Project sign on the entrustment contract, and will inform through the notice as well as Personal Information Protection Policy when the company is altered.

Entrustment of Personal Information Management

  1. The owner of information (the legal representative can exercise the right under 14 years of age) can exercise the right of personal information protection of following each subparagraph at any time.

Measures to Ensure the Safety of Personal Information

Wow! Taiwan Project, pursuant to the 「Personal Information Protection Act」, takes the technical, administrative and physical measures necessary for ensuring safety as follows.

  1. Minimization and training of personal information managers. We have designated and minimized the person in charge of personal information management and implemented measures to manage personal information.
  2. Controlled and restricted access to personal information
    We take necessary measures to control access to personal information through granting, modifying, and deleting access rights to the database system that manages personal information, and also control unauthorized access from outside by using an intrusion prevention system.
  3. Storing access records. We keep and manage records (web logs, summary information, etc.) that have been connected to the personal information processing system for at least a year.
  4. Encryption of personal information. The user’s personal information is encrypted and stored and managed. In addition, important data use separate security function such as using to be encrypted, etc when to store and transmit.
  5. Security program installation and periodic inspection · update. Wow! Taiwan Project installs and is periodically updated and inspected a security program to prevent personal information from being divulged or damaged by hacking or computer viruses.
  6. Access control to unauthorized persons. The physical storage place of the personal information system that stored personal information is separately set up, and access control procedures are formulated and operated accordingly

Personal Information Access Request

  1. The owner of information can request to access personal information pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act to the following department. Wow! Taiwan Project will endeavor to promptly handle owner of information’s request to access personal information.

Matters on the Installation and Operation of Automatic Collection Device of Personal Information and Rejection thereof

  1. Wow! Taiwan Project can use cookie which stores users information and detect them at any time (COOKIE, automatic collection device of personal information such as internet access information file, etc). A cookie, as a small amount of information that a server to be used to run an institution’s website sends to a user’s browser, is also stored on the user’s computer’s hard disk. When a user accesses a website, the institution’s computer can read the contents of the cookie on the user’s browser and detect user’s additional information in your computer, and can provide the service without further input such as the name of the contact, and others. Cookies identify your computer but do not personally identify yourself.