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POJIALI is an expert in membrane filtration and supplies a wide range of high-quality system technology.
Pojiali Health Technology Co., Ltd . (POJIALI) was established in 2018, located at the Central Taiwan Science Park.
POJIALI specializes in developing and manufacturing Ultra-filtration, Nano-filtration & modules and also various equipment and system of pure water, wastewater treatment, material separation and wastewater recycling, providing total solutions to our customers. We care about the environment and follow the "Green" philosophy.
Based on the extensive products of the Molong® series, customized solutions can be developed. Molong® membrane technology covers ultra-filtration and nano-filtration, including pre-and post-treatment precisely matched with the membrane system.
POJIALI's products are widely used in biotechnology, chemical industry, food processing, public construction and industrial production.

It has never been an easy task when it comes to the safety and sanitation of water consumption. Many needs are ignored due to immature technology. The focus of large flow water purification faucets is to try to meet the needs of customers for healthy water. The world's original large flow water purification faucet, faucet is made of lead-free material, uses the exclusive membrane Molong PVDF filter, the filtration accuracy is 0.01 micron, and its filtration effect can remove 99.9% of bacteria, impurities and colloids in the water. The water output is more than 7 liters per minute, and the filter material can withstand high temperatures of 70ºC and maintain its performance. The installation method is the same as that of a traditional faucet. It also takes into account the advantages of easy replacement of consumables and extremely convenient use. Combining the above goals and the pursuit of quality into the persistence of the brand is to protect the people's right to drink clean water, and to provide people with a rich physical and mental life and a healthy and sustainable environment.

Applicable field: For use in kitchen and bathroom sinks of homes. Also used in schools and institutions.

1. Purity -- Patented membrane Molong PVDF filter removes 99.99% of bacteria and most viruses in the water.
2. Energy saving --It does not need electricity.
3. Durable -- It can filter more than 30 tons of water.
4. Convenience --Large flow, easy to install and replace.

Product applications:
1. Healthy and delicious -- The effluent of the purifier retains minerals and effectively removes pollutants such as sediment, rust, and suspended solids.
2. Molong PVDF 0.01 micron filtration -- Through its 0.01-micron filtering capacity to remove tiny harmful substances, including most bacteria and viruses.
3. Large water output--The maximum water output of the purifier is 7 liters per minute.
4. High-quality materials -- The faucet is made of lead-free material.

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