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Established in Taiwan in 1989, Hundure Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers in access control industry. Since its establishment more than 30 years ago, Hundure have concentrated on providing the best quality products and services. Our factory has passed ISO-9001 certifications. All products from R&D to design and manufacturing are done within the factory. We offer access control security solutions such as time & attendance management system, access control for doors, elevators, parking lots and visitor management, customized hardware and software, access control system integration and OEM/ODM services. Our customers include domestic and foreign government agencies, transportation facilities, commercial buildings, schools, and residential communities.

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1. Slogan: The value we offer is just more than access control !!

2. Product Functions:
Smart 2-Door IP Access Control Solutions
(1). High level of access control security
- Control 2 doors with 4 readers.
- 2-door Interlocks: Interlock systems control the two door lockers. If one door is open or unlocked, the other one would deny access.
- Dual cards authorization: Doors can be opened only when the two authorized persons put in their authorized card or credentials together.
- Anti-passback: Prevent consecutive entries of one access card, or prevent multiple people from using the same access card.
- Duress code alert: When the door is opened in emergency, host controller will send a signal to control center simultaneously for tracing and rescuing.
(2). Contactless unlock door with mobile phone
- Unlock door with QR Code: Support scanning static QR code (smart phone or printed paper) and dynamic QR code (with Hundure mCard APP). Dynamic QR Code is time-limited and will change in accordance of time setting.
-Unlock door with Bluetooth: Supports Bluetooth (BLE) or NFC open applications. Users are required to download Hundure mCard App on mobile phone and use Bluetooth or NFC functions to unlock doors.
(3). Cost-effective:
- Easy installation: The 2-door access controller was mainly applied to the projects with small and medium numbers of doors. It is inexpensive, with flexible planning and easy installation.
- Reduce cabling costs: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TTCP/IP) architecture was able to use the existing networking infrastructure to save cabling expense.
- High flexibility: It supports up to 15,000 cardholders and 40,000 card-swipe records for future expansions.

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