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About Company

Chung Mei was established in 1970, with headquaters in Taichung. We are the first professional manufacturer of fire alarm systems in Taiwan.

We have been developing various residential firefighting equipment in recent years. All of our products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan based on the ideas of safety, innovation, and user-friendliness. We hope to dispell the impression that firefighting equipment are heavy and difficult to operate.

Apart from domestic retail channels, we have been developing foreign markets in Philippines, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia,and Myanmar with agents. We have maintained stable supply of products and services.

Product Info

1. Slogan: Just throw the vase to extinguish the fire. It is the guardian of household safety.

2. Product Concept:
We carried out a study in 2019, with almost 4000 people participated. Results of the study shows that almost every one agrees that firefighting is essential; however, more than 50% of participants have not bought fire extinguishers or do not know how to operate them, which is unbelievable. We concluded that ordinary people have the impression that fire extinguishers are heavy, bulky, ugly, and difficult to operate. Therefore, we began to study what size and shape are acceptable to the public, and will not make people feel out of place. We conducted countless tests and modifications to develop the perfect product.
The firefighting vase is not meant to replace existing fire extinguishers or other firefighting equipment. We hope that firefighting concept can become instinct. According to statistics in Japan, as many as 80% of fires can be contained and damages mitigated, if firefighting procedures are enacted in the early stage. This is the direction we are working for. Although disasters are unpredictable, the right concept and complete prevention measures can provide the best solutions.

3. Product Functions:
(1) Firefighting equipment is incorporated in life with aesthetics and functions.
(2) Easy to use. Throw the vase, and the fire will be out.
(3) Suitable for fires of type A, B, C.
(4) Extinguishing agents are valid for 10 years.
(5) Made of special environmental-friendly materials that can be recycled.
(6) Made in Taiwan. Quality guaranteed.

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