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Company introduction:2003 established, FIT successfully combined fiberglass plying and PTFE coating technology and is the only manufacturer of structural PTFE coated fiberglass membrane in Taiwan. Products are sold to many countries through foreign sales representatives.

Product Info

1. Slogan:Outstanding aesthetics and longevity

2. Product Concept:
As green building need increased, people started pursuing light structural material and safety at same time. Therefore a new structural material for sun-shading appeared, which is PTFE coated fiberglass membrane.

3. Product Functions:
・Sun-shading:Effectly blocking UV-light and sun heat can provide better work place and save the energy for air conditioner.
・Infinite design possibility:Membrane has great tensile strength and softness, which can provide designers more design possibility and is different from traditional reinforced concrete structure.
・ Fire safety: Passed the international fire test, it is lightweight, flame-resistant and easy to use. It is especially suitable for using at public buildings, such as gyms, parks, public centers and other facilities.
・ Self-cleaning and durable: After coating PTFE, the surface is smooth and waterproof, resistant to various chemical substances and not easy to deteriorate. Also, after being washed by rain, the surface is clean as new. So far, the longest PTFE membrane structure has existed for 45 years.

4. Product Technical:
‧ High temperature welding: The method applied to the membrane structure is the same as that of the PVC membrane. The difference is that a hot melt machine is used for the PTFE fiberglass membrane. Through the high temperature, FEP tape will melt and combine the PTFE cloth membranes together.
‧ Characteristics of membrane: The membrane should be rolled instead of folding as much as possible, because the glass fiber is easily damaged by folding. Membrane has a high tensile strength, therefore workers can walk on it during the application process in the air.

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