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Focus on highly efficient heat insulation

Well Ling Co., Ltd. is composed of elite research teams from NCTU and NTHU. Based on our cooperation with Singapore developer group, starting from 2014 HeatAX® will officially be merged with Well Ling Nano Heat Insulation Coating to make an official move to the global brand market with a brand new corporate image.

We have always been dedicated to the development of nano composite material technology and provision of professional application coating service. The outstanding quality of our own heat insulation coating production line has not only been certified by authoritative organization, but also been recognized by renowned enterprises in multiple countries thus becoming the most wanted product.

Milestone of HeatAX
Highest SRI global professional heat insulation coating index at 111.5, ASTM Designation: E1980-1
The only one in the world with temperature difference before and after construction at 13°C with CMA certificate
World’s best white coating reflectivity (SR) at 0.88 with Intertek USA cert 100096065MID-001DR1
World’s best dark color (not white) coating reflectivity (SR) at 0.57 with Intertek USA cert 100096065MID-001ER1
World’s best light color (not white) coating reflectivity (SR) at 0.87 with Intertek USA cert 100096065MID-001FR1
The first Asian coating provider awarded with Singapore Green Label CH-25418/LZP
In compliance with EU RoHS 2002/95/ec
In compliance with the highest regulation of Taiwan government with TAF certificate 100821123-1

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Product Info

1. Slogan: Focus on highly efficient heat insulation

2. Product Concept:
The wall paint could reduce the building Indoor temperature up to 13 degrees and decrease air conditioning costs by up to 61%. The insulation coating is Certified by Intertek and Green label.

3. Product Functions:
‧Highly efficient heat insulation: NASA grade composite material process. We were the first to introduce “Ninano Ultra-Resistant Heat Insulation” technology with the world record 88% thermal reflectivity and outstanding performance.
‧Safe and non-hazardous: Harmless to the human body and environment. Certified by EU RoHS standard to be free of hazardous substances, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and toluene thus not leading to any burden to the human body and the environment.
‧Lasting effectiveness: Strong against all kinds of weather conditions. It is equipped with stain resistance, UV resistance, and weathering resistance. Ninano Ultra-Resistant Heat Insulation technology has a service life as long as 10 years with weather endurance.
‧Building protection: Work as a protective shield for your house. It is waterproof and noise-proof with corrosion and rust resistance by forming a protective barrier at the surface of a building. This protection will lead to doubled service life.
‧Energy saving and environmental protection: Making your home a green building, experiencing the honor of Singapore Green Label with the saving of air conditioner expense up to 61% and the effective reduction of carbon emission.
‧Simple construction: Everyone can be the heat insulation expert. It does not require any professional training. The construction can be carried out by anyone using either brush, roller, or spray gun.
‧A wide range of applications: It can be coated anywhere for any purpose. It can be coated on metal, stone, wood, and plastic material, which can also be applied to various fields such as livelihood, commerce and industry, transportation, and warehousing.

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