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WEISUN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. was established in 1976 and was first positioned to be an OEM company that manufactured its drying equipment for heavyweight domestic clients. After the financial storm in 2008, manufacturing facilities gradually relocated to Mainland China. For sustainable operation, the company decided to transform and created its own brand WEISUN and turned “customization”-oriented. It has tailored corresponding professional drying equipment needed for a variety of processes. After having gone through the diversified challenges in different industries such as semiconductor, circuit board, and panel industries, we continued to build up our capabilities in spontaneous technical R&D. The ratio of OEM has been reduced each year to eventually 5% and we have successfully developed our own brand while transforming from OEM to OBM.

We firmly believe that "customer satisfaction is everything that matters to WEISUN."

Based on this very initial passion, WEISUN, with its quality team, will continue advancing its R&D technology, integrating existing resources, keeping track of the market update and dynamics, and developing high-quality equipment that addresses customers’ pain taking into consideration what the users need to help customers realize a smart light-off factory with a high activation rate and a high yield rate!
WEISUN now is not only catching extensive attention from enterprises in domestic and international semiconductor, electronics, and photovoltaic industries but also continuing to receive support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in R&D projects. The company has also been honored by the 2018 Sustainable Development and Innovative Research Award of New Taipei City Industrial Association, 2019 Golden Torch Award, 2019 National Brand Yushan Award, and 2020 Golden Peak Award, among others. WEISUN has been devoted to the manufacturing and R&D of drying equipment for more than 40 years. Already a technical leader in industrial drying equipment that is highly favored by upstream and downstream manufacturers or suppliers in the electronics industry for a strategic alliance, we are never complacent with what we have accomplished so far.
In the future, while pursuing sustainable corporate operation, WEISUN will never forget where it began and look upon itself to constantly give back to society and proactively march towards B Corporation goals. We will help minorities follow a virtuous circle and reinforce the positive energy in society with love and action so that WEISUN is not only providing automatic light and heat-drying technologies and growing to be a leading global brand in industrial drying equipment but also one of the leading brands in boosting public interests.

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Product Info

Effective energy-saving waste heat recovery.

2.Product Concept:
• Design Principle:Water vapor is reheated above 100°C to become dry ( super-heated ) steam, which is anhydrous, odorless, colorless and oxygen-free.

1. Rapid heating can be achieved with extremely small dry steam molecules which penetrate the baked objects so heating takes place both inside out and outside in simultaneously.

2. The temperature difference between the dry steam and objects to be baked in the furnace at room temperature is extremely huge that large amount of heat will be transferred to achieve rapid heating.

3. The moisture contained within will evaporate once the temperature of the object exceeds 100°C and it can then be dried without moisture. The heat absorbed by dry steam is 8 times that of the same volume of air.

3.Product Functions:
Energy Saving
.Amplify heating capacity, high thermal conductivity
.Have Energy consumption saving
.Have hydro-condenser and waste heat recycling
Production Efficiency
.Process time can be shortened to 1/10
.Expand the production capacity of production line equipment
Production Quality
.Moisture-free environment reduces oxidation anomalies
.High penetration, achieve simultaneous heating inside and outside
Plant Utilization
.Save about 70% of space
.Dual oven design with the advantage of space planning

4.Product Technical:
• Basic Spec:
1.Power:AC220V 3Ø 60HZ
2.Internal Dimension:720W*710D*750H mm External Dimension:1620W*1910D*2040H mm
3.Tempature Range:100~400℃

• Unique reinforced design of the chamber prevents deformation at a high temperature and eliminates stress.

• Tailored temperature-tolerant stand-alone motor, low-vibration and stainless steel reinforced multi-wing fan that runs quietly and durably. The drive axle is specially treated, too, in order to prevent thermal deformation.

• The imported high-temperature heat-generating element does not oxidate and leak easily while in use for an extended period of time and features a long life span. Temperature range: Ambient temperature ~ 500°C. The 600°C specification can be tailored separately.

•The “real-time data monitoring” and “safety control” are made possible for each oven. Meanwhile, historical data are available for inquiries and temperature, O2 concentration, and others can be uploaded to the IT Server.

•IoT Industrial Manufacturing Production Module SECS/GEM protocol can also be selected to connect MES.
• Design Types: Equipment design can be divided into “vertical batch oven”, and “conveyor oven”; the pre-installation operation is based on customer’s product requirements, production conditions, and environmental site. Wei-sun will integrate the above three criteria, providing the best-customized machine solution.

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