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About Company

Brightron was created in 2019 when Litenet and Comlink Fire Systems were merged. Litenet is a professional mechanical and electrical engineering company itself. We have excellent management and outstanding engineers, and with 25 years of experience in working with mechanical and electrical engineering consultant companies, we have become an all-round provider of mechanical and electrical engineering, firefighting, disaster prevention integration service.

Product Info

1. Slogan:Protect the damage caused by all sharp objects

2. Product Concept:
The appearance of the short-sleeved cut-proof and puncture-proof vest is similar to that of ordinary commercial business vests, and it is not easy to be noticed.

3. Product Functions:
It is made of special high-density textile processed by machinery. The cut-proof and stab-proof inner layer is medium gray and feels as soft and comfortable as ordinary clothes. Cool, light and breathable, with the characteristics of moisture wicking and quick drying, not afraid of ultraviolet rays, washable and machine washable. The inner layer is not only limited to protect against the injury by knives, but also can protect against the injury caused by all sharp objects, and has good effect on defending aginst knife attacks.
For resistance effect, the vest uses a specially developed patented cut-resistant fiber material to make a cut-resistant and stab-resistant vest. It innovatively combines ultra-high molecular weight synthetic resin fiber (UHMWPE) and ultra-high polymer materials. The vest is comfortable, low-profile, durable. It is easy to clean, not showing-off, has a wide range of protection, and can be worn for personal protection in various occasions.

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