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About Company

Ever Colorful is the color Pioneer.

Ever Colorful started with painting, and currently focuses on the domestic market. The main customers are architects, designers, construction companies, property management companies, etc. We would like to expand overseas markets through distributors in the future.

Product Info

1. Slogan:photocatalyst nano purification technology, the best choice for indoor air quality and environmental care.

2. Product Concept:
Aihuo E1 optimized photocatalyst water coating (AirFrE1sh) has passed the green building material E1 level certification, which is the highest level of green building materials. It is undetectable of formaldehyde and TVOC and this is the difference between green material coating and general ones. Generally speaking, there is a heavy smell of formaldehyde in the new house. Aihuo E1 photocatalyst water coating not only overcomes the unpleasant odor, but also purifies the formaldehyde in your room. The photocatalyst paint has multi-functions such as anti-germ, mould proofing, anti-virus, anti-odor, and it also prevent wall molds.
Additionally, the certification of safety toys is another important indicator of AirFrE1sh, which greatly promotes its health and safety specifications at a higher level.

3. Product Functions:
Sterilization, deodorization, anti-virus, epidemic prevention, mildew prevention, wall mold resistance, formaldehyde removal, etc.

4. Product Technical:
AirFre1sh combines the photocatalyst effect of TiO2 and water-based acrylic resin system as the base.
We adopt our professional coating experience to design the revolutionary techniques by mixing and dispersing two different materials, which are organic and inorganic respectively, while maintains the colorful characteristic.We simplify the complex and professional process to user-friendly and easy-to-operate.
We provide functional paints to glorify users’ interior spaces with fabulous and durable design and safety.

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