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Founded in 2009, Wang Ding Feng Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a member of the Wei Chung Fung Group and serves as a manufacturer of energy-saving fans in Taiwan. The core principle at Wang Ding Feng is "Customer trust is paramount, quality and safety come first." As a result, the "Geely Feng Shui" DC Ceiling Fan, a brand under Wang Ding Feng, has gained recognition in its field.

The company is dedicated to the design, research, development, and production of energy-saving ceiling fan and commercial stew pots. Operating as a professional OBM/ODM/OEM manufacturer, it focuses on developing products that are more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and have higher electromechanical efficiency to meet the evolving demands of the market. The business also extends to the development and supply of peripheral equipment for chain stores, including energy-saving ceiling fan, stainless steel separated energy-saving egg cookers, oil separation tanks, and oil removal enzymes. Wang Ding Feng strives to provide customers with the most efficient and professional after-sales service.

Product Name

Geely Feng Shui DC Ceiling Fan

Product Info

About Geely Feng Shui DC ceiling fan: 

* Our product is different from other brands on the market. Most products are features a non-flat design with a protruding shape in the front. Our flat unique design is our distinguishing advantage, can be perfectly match the interior decoration.

* The rear exhaust duct can be modified into an air duct type according the needs. It can also be adjusted to align with the ductwork. The air duct type comes in two standard sizes: 8 inches and 10 inches, which can be selected based on the specifications of your country.

1. The fan is equipped with an ECO temperature control function, which is a major distinguishing feature from other products on the market.

This fan comes with a remote control, it includes a timer function and can also be set to remember the previously used fan speed based on your preferences.

2. This DC circulation fan is currently the only one of it’s the first flat ceiling fan design in Taiwan and in the world. It operates on a universal voltage of 100V-240V. No conversion is needed.

The product weighs 4.5 kg and features a quick-connect, plug-and-play power connector design. 

3. The fan is made with ABS Material. The back panel of the fan can be replaced with an iron plate instead of an ABS plastic back panel to mitigate the risks of damage or falling due to earthquakes and material aging.

4. Low electricity consumption: the maximum fan speed of our product consumes about 25 watts, whereas the lowest speed of other products on the market requires 34 watts. From the comparison of electricity consumption, it is clear that this product is more energy-efficient.

4. No-fool maintenance and cleaning: most products on the market require tools for fan maintenance and cleaning. The advantage of this product is that it can be easily wiped and maintained by simply twisting it open.

5. Multi fan speed for rapid cooling: It operates on a multiple airflow settings, with a total of 9 fan speed options.

6.Made in Taiwan

Applicable Location:

Office/ Shopping Mall / School / Medical facility/clinic / Convenience store / Public area / Logistics warehouse / Care center

Product Technical Features:
  • World's first flat-panel light steel frame circulating fan
  • ECO intelligent variable frequency temperature sensing
  • Universal voltage: 100V-240V
  • Innovative flat design pioneered in Taiwan, providing a spacious visual experience without feeling cramped
  • Tool-free disassembly for easy cleaning and effortless maintenance
  • Automatic memory function, offers 1 to 9-speed 360-degree rotation, remembers the speed and timer settings before shutdown
  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with low power consumption, exceeding national energy efficiency standards
  • Made of ABS material
  • Replaceable air duct adapter reduces compressor startup load
  • Made in Taiwan

Product Solutions

The flat light steel frame energy-saving ceiling fan offers many advantages:

Geely Feng Shui DC Ceiling Fan comes in a fixed size, and the exterior color can be customized. It has several bonus features that make it more competitive in the market:
1. Energy efficiency: Effectively reduces energy consumption.
2. Smart features: Such as smart temperature control, remote control operation, etc., enhancing usability and smart level.
3. Adjustable fan speed: Automatically adjusts the fan speed based on room temperature and has multi-speed adjustment function to meet temperature requirements.
4. Timer function: Can be set to automatically turn on or off, increasing convenience and smart level, especially for office or sleep users.
5. Easy to clean: No need for screwdrivers during cleaning, can be easily disassembled by hand, increasing usability and cleaning efficiency.

6. Safety: It has passed multiple safety inspections and international certifications, to ensure it is safe to use.

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