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Oriver Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, specializes in manufacturing sunglasses and goggles in Taiwan. We take our customers' demands seriously and have gained recognition by strictly controlling product quality. Our self-innovated products have also been recognized and received positive feedback from our customers. Oriver also provides OEM services for many well-known clients.

Oriver insists on designing and developing products independently, including design, mold development, production planning, operation, manufacturing, and shipment, ensuring consistent operation throughout the process.

In recent years, we have participated in several government-promoted projects, such as low-carbon packaging guidance and low-carbon integration.

We aim for our company to widely use 3C products and keep pace with global standards.

We produce a series of specialized filter lenses that reduce the likelihood of causing eye diseases and increase eye protection.

Additionally, we participate in various exhibitions, including the Japanese medical exhibition, Germany's ISPO exhibition, and various domestic exhibitions, hoping to gain more insights through these events.

Besides our official websites, we also utilize SHOPEE and MOMO for our e-commerce platforms. Our products have been available on AMAZON since last year, and we aim to achieve global visibility.

Product Name

LAVALens Special filter lens

Product Info

Series 1: Age-Related Macular Degeneration Protective Lenses

Series 2: Post-Cataract Surgery Protective Lenses

Series 3: Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Series 4: Working Glasses

Product Solutions

Series 1: Age-Related Macular Degeneration Protective Lenses

1. Reduce damage caused by HEV light to eyes.
2. Minimize eye strain during prolonged use of electronic devices.
3. Enhance color contrast and reduce glare.
4. Suitable for eye protection after cataract surgery.

Series 2: Polarized Lenses

1. Scratch and impact resistance.
2. 100% UV protection.
3. Clearer and more natural color perception.
4. Improve visual comfort and reduce fatigue.

Series 3: Blue Light Lenses

1. LAVA blue light lenses can block 40% of short wavelength blue light.
2. Reduce fatigue and damage caused by LED light.

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