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UltronSMART Inc. provides advanced integrated hardware and software solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing systems, enabling effortless connectivity and intelligent control. Our products and services are designed to enhance efficiency, improve user experiences, and drive digital transformation.

We specialize in wireless connectivity and cloud software development, empowering brands and service providers to quickly deliver successful AIoT solutions to their customers. Our clientele includes industry leaders such as Kbro Broadband and Taiwan Mobile Telecom among others. These companies have leveraged our systems to significantly expand their market presence within just six months.

Product Name

UltronSMART System: Advance Warning Home Energy Saving System

Product Info

  • One-Click Energy Saving: Activate energy-saving mode easily, either manually with one click or remotely via an app.
  • Electricity Usage Monitoring: Monitor power consumption in real time and access historical electricity usage data, enabling targeted energy savings and providing a sense of achievement.
  • Abnormal Alerts: Set up and manage notifications through the app to warn of excessive electricity usage or abnormalities, helping to reduce the risk of fires caused by abnormal appliance use or equipment aging.
  • Excessive Control: Beyond alert notifications, AI smart functions can be configured via the app or system backend. When excessive electricity usage is detected, the entire power supply will automatically shut down, enhancing residential safety.
  • Extended Expansion: Beyond basic lighting control, expand your system to include smart air conditioning, smart curtains, smart appliances, and more, enabling more precise and personalized energy savings.

Product Solutions

Energy Saving

In commercial or community management environments, energy conservation is a critical concern, especially with the global push towards net-zero carbon emissions. Reducing energy consumption not only helps companies lower carbon emissions but also enhances competitiveness. By integrating the UltronSMART system with the Ultron Energy Product Series, managers can effectively prevent electricity overconsumption or abnormal situations. The system allows setting an upper limit for electricity consumption and automatically executes management-defined tasks, providing features such as advance warnings, real-time notifications, and emergency shutdowns. This alleviates the burden on managers concerning energy conservation and personnel management.


Electrical abnormalities often lead to unnecessary disasters, such as fires, electric shocks, equipment damage, and other risks. With the UltronSMART system and the Ultron Energy Product Series, managers can monitor and control electricity consumption from the main power supply down to zone circuits, thus preventing losses of personnel and property in commercial environments due to electrical anomalies. The Ultron Energy Product Series has passed insurance and safety tests, ensuring that even in the event of a failure, the fire will not spread, limiting damage to the devices themselves.

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