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Hua Tsai Medusa, Paint your house!

Medusa’s owner, Hua Tsai Paints Co., Ltd. is specialized in imitating stone paint and full series of inorganic waterproofing materials. All of our materials are formaldehyde-free, non-toxic, low-carbon and eco-friendly. Compared with traditional constructing procedure, we can save more than 50% of time and works, and make your building structure durable. We have expert R&D team and seasoned service team to offer you one-stop services. In addition, we customize the products to over 95% similarity in accordance to your demands.
Overseas dealers: China, Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia.

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1. Slogan: I-waterproof, make your house better.

2. Product Concept:
This product is non-toxic, odorless and safe water-based formula. Mix it with cement sand while construction and waterproof the building simultaneously, which saves more than 50% of time and labor. Let's test it once it's built. Although it was immersed in water for a long time and the moss grew on top. When you crack the test item, you will find that it is only slightly wet for 1mm below the surface and the inner structure remains dry. This superior waterproof effect is called "breathing waterproof material." and offer several unique points: Plant-based inorganic liquid waterproof material; Environment friendly; Non-toxic and flavourless; Safe water-based formula.

3. Product Functions:
The waterproof building materials we used to know include elastic cement, vinyl, PU, polyurea, etc. Each has its own advantage, but it is often damaged by moisture and ultraviolet rays. The surface is easy to be punctured and rubbed off that it needs to repair after 5 to 10 years.
I-waterproof products overcome the time limits
・ Easy construction, co-work with cement, directly added to cement sand
・ Once the construction complete, so as the waterproofing project. Greatly reduces construction cost.
・ Improve work efficiency, finish time. Save time and labor by more than 50%
・ Solve the humid problems in rainy subtropical countries, and effectively prevent the white tiles from efflorescence.
・ Break through the bottleneck of traditional waterproof materials being not UV resistant

4. Product Technical:
It is the first plant-based inorganic calcified liquid waterproof material in Taiwan to prevent the problem of efflorescence caused moisture.


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