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Taiwan Matsuzawa is dedicated to enhancing residential safety in Taiwan's architecture and fulfilling its broader societal responsibilities. The company is committed to promoting energy-efficient, safe, and earthquake-resistant smart homes. This initiative is set to catalyze the transformation of Taiwan's overall construction-related industries. Taiwan currently faces challenges with a significant number of aging buildings, particularly those with fewer than five stories, which pose considerable risks. According to statistics from the Ministry of the Interior, the average age of residential buildings nationwide was 29 years in 2015. In Taipei City, the situation is particularly severe, with over 30-year-old houses accounting for 61%, totaling approximately 500,000 units. In the event of a seismic disaster similar to Japan's 311 or recent major earthquakes, the consequences would be dire. Currently, only 23% of houses are aged between 20 to 30 years, but this problem is expected to persist into the next decade. Over this period, as urbanization continues, the government must enhance the efficiency and scope of its urban renewal policies to effectively address urban aging.

Approved for establishment in the Yilan Science Park, Taiwan Matsuzawa Base-Isolation Co., Ltd. is set to invest NT$50 million. Its main products include seismic isolation devices and associated systems, as well as the development of smart monitoring software and hardware for buildings. The project involves the development of various seismic isolation and vibration control technologies, such as LRB (Lead Rubber Bearing), SSR (Sliding Support With Rubber-pad), RB, FPS (Friction Pendulum System), and more. Through technology transfer, the company aims to collaborate with Japanese company OILES to promote improved seismic isolation equipment for low-rise buildings. Additionally, it will work with academic and technological institutions to develop peripheral equipment and software, establishing a smart and safe home system to enhance the development of the seismic isolation residential construction industry domestically.

Product Name

Seismic isolation equipment products,Wall-type Dampers

Product Info


S Square Type Multilayer Natural Rubber

Seismic Isolation Device with Lead Plug

Lead Rubber Bearing Square type


An economical design with the preserved performance of the conventional LRB,

providing an economical design of framework and seismic isolation device.

Shows the stable characteristics in all the horizontal directions, and the reliability to

the severe deformation is verified.

The square shape provides the reduced cost from the ease of fire resistant coating etc.

A compact design of smaller footprint of one rank down size as compared to the

circular type of same specification.


LRB S is an all in one seismic isolation device assembly of the multilayer rubber to

function as a load supporting and vibration isolation, and the lead plug to function as

an energy absorbing function (damper). The compact size provides a good working

performance requiring no big space for installation.

Sliding Multilayer Natural Rubbertype

Seismic Isolation Device

Sliding Support With Rubber pad


Can be used for a light supporting load, will show the large deformation

performance like the large size seismic isolation device.

Shows the wide range of effectiveness from small vibration to a severe earthquake.

Used in combination with the seismic isolation device, such as LRB and RB


SSR is a multilayer natural rubber sliding type seismic isolation device, with the

attached sliding material (OILES sliding material) on the multilayer natural rubber.

Product Solutions

(1) Load supporting function

Steel reinforced rubber will firmly support the building.

High rigidity in the vertical direction as compared to the single rubber provides with the

stable support of the building.

(2) Horizontal Elasticity Function (Elongated period)

Transforms the vibration of earthquake to a slow movement.

Softness in the horizontal direction will calm down the severe vibration of earthquake,

and elongates the period of vibration of the building.

(3) Restoring Function

Restores the building to the original position.

The restoration force of the rubber will return the building to the original position after

the earthquake terminated.

(4) Vibration Damping Function

Damps the severe vibration of building

The Lead Plug will be plastically deformed along with the deformation of multilayer

rubber to absorb the seismic energy, and quickly damps the vibration.

(5) Trigger Function

Depresses the vibration other than the earthquake

High rigidity of the lead plug will hold the building until the external force becomes as

high as a certain level to prevent the vibration due to the storm wind etc.

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