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Innovation, Green energy, Quality, and Service are the purpose of Taiwan Material Development Co., LTD, and become the greatest sustainable operation green material industry is our goal. We provide high quality construction and guarantee in building material, construction, techniques, and after-sales service, and also reduce the waste of energy resources. We provide a healthy, environment friendly, convenience and high quality functional material. TWMD introduce AH lightweight solid wall to market, and provide users the internal wall partition with all function. On the other hand, we keep developing related green building materials. Look forward to developing a complete production system. To build a green building material brand. Hope to satisfied architects, interior designers, businesses of related industries and ordinary people by doing one-stop shopping.

Product Info

1.Product Functions:
Fire Proof-3hr
Energy-Saving-low thermal conductivity 0.0597(W/mk)
Light Weight-15kg/㎡
Non-Toxic-Components only Cement and Panel glass sand (silicon oxide & aluminum oxide)
Green Energy

Honeycomb Structure
numerous independent pores form layers of air cushions

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