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Sea Sonic Energy's eKoEN platform offers intelligent energy management to enhance energy efficiency and incorporates smart load shedding to achieve energy savings and carbon reduction. Technologically, it focuses on the energy IoT, utilizing a modular design for easy and flexible expansion through the technology transfer of ITRI's mini power sensors. Additionally, it collaborates with third-party providers through an Open API to create a collaborative ecosystem.

The AI technologies include building energy consumption forecasting and motor current characteristic analysis. Furthermore, it aims for cross-domain integration by developing a modular micro-hydropower system and advancing the Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) based AI model for intelligent operation and maintenance. The micro-hydropower system is centered around a 5kW modular generator unit, offering a one-stop solution for site selection, power generation efficiency evaluation, modular installation, and cloud-based intelligent operation and maintenance management.

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eKoEN Lightweight Energy Management System

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eKoEN is a lightweight energy management system that through system analysis, identify abnormal energy consumption and provide effective energy improvement strategies to reduce carbon emissions and achieve net-zero carbon as early as possible. 

Through real-time abnormal detection, current overload detection, and high-temperature detection, any abnormalities are immediately indicated. In critical situations, it can perform emergency automatic power cutoff. Relevant abnormal states are recorded and presented in charts for your review, ensuring the safety of your valuable equipment and personnel.

Non-intrusive sensors that do not require power interruption, designed with an ultra-compact size (50mm x 23mm x 27mm), allowing quick installation in existing electrical panels. Its price and installation costs are much lower than traditional electricity meters.

Provides a variety of energy reports and chart analysis, allowing you to monitor real-time or historical electricity usage. The results can be quantified and displayed in your ESG reports as indicators of ISO 50001 energy management for sustainable business operations.

Flexible adjustment of modular systems and equipment according to customer needs, effectively reducing cost expenditures, and tailor-making the most suitable eKoEN for customers. Open API for integration with third-party providers, sharing energy and environmental control data, and providing a superior user experience, creating an ecosystem for energy and environmental control.

Product Solutions

1. eKoEN Smart Energy Management Platform: This platform offers a comprehensive one-stop service, from the introduction of software and hardware systems to energy-saving recommendations and performance analysis. It employs non-intrusive micro power sensors, technology transferred from ITRI, which cost, size, and installation time are only 1/10 of traditional electric meters. The overall system features a modular architecture design, making it easy to install and flexibly expand. Through an Open API mechanism, it shares data with third parties. The sensing part can accurately measure power and cable temperature with an accuracy of up to 99.7%. The non-intrusive installation time is only 15% of that required for conventional meters, making deployment convenient and at half the cost of commercial meters.

2. AI Technology Applications: This includes building energy consumption forecasting, intelligent load shedding, and Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA). MCSA is a motor anomaly diagnosis technology based on current analysis, identifying faults by monitoring the motor's current waveform through sensors. After uploading current data to the eKoEN cloud operation and maintenance management platform, pre-trained AI prediction models evaluate the health of electromechanical systems and equipment to issue anomaly warnings or intelligent load shedding.

3. Micro Hydropower System: Extending from smart energy management, it integrates micro hydropower generation across three specifications of modular generator sets: 1.5KW, 2.2KW, and 3.7KW.

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