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About Company

YC Synergy was founded in 2012 and has focused on the R&D of Fuel Cell Power Generation System technology for over a decade. The company has secured more than 14 core patents related to fuel cell applications in commercial vehicles, maritime, and stationary power generation. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, YC Synergy possess true in-house fuel cell module design capabilities. YC Synergy is also one of the few companies globally that has obtained CR certifications for marine applications, international automotive certifications, and multiple voluntary testing reports.

Product Name

Fuel Cell Power Generator

Product Info

YCS Fuel Cell Systems is a clean generator that uses hydrogen to produce electricity cleanly and efficiently, emitting only water and heat, which can be utilized in some applications. The modular design of YCS Fuel Cell Systems offers the flexibility to adapt to various applications, including commercial vehicles, marine, and stationary power stations.

Product Solutions

1. Zero-Emission Fuel Cell Power Generation Station (RE100 Solution)

2. Zero-Emission Fuel Cell Boats

3. Zero-Emission Fuel Cell Commercial Vehicles

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