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All Good Energy is a leading energy solution provider founded and based in Taiwan. We provide complete energy solutions for public sectors as well as various industries. Understanding the importance of reliable and sustainable energy storage, our team of experts develops a wide range of innovative products and services to meet our clients' unique needs. These include solar batteries, IoT batteries, power control units, and total energy management solutions. We envision a future where every energy storage owner shares, contributes to, and enjoys the energy network together. We are determined to navigate this sustainable future with our clients.

Product Name

Smart Power Control Unit
High Performance/Wide Temperature Range Battery Pack

Product Info

Energy storage on each smart pole can be controlled individually or in groups via a platform, serving as a source for the local power grid using AGE's smart power control unit. Receive information on the energy consumption of each device on the smart pole, and instant feedback on equipment status, etc., through an API.

Product Solutions

Upgrade smart poles and other smart city infrastructure without changing any hardware to keep track of their performance.

Access battery data and potential via APIs on an open platform. Battery status and performance will no longer be a mystery.

In the event of an emergency, switch the power source to the battery to help maintain the stability of the local grid.

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