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The world should know the mouth-watering flavor from Taiwan

Shang Dao Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979, starting from a drink ingredients wholesaler. We established Shang Tong International Co., Ltd. to provide one-stop service for business starters. So far, we have counceled over 2,000 tea brands. In 2015, we built the first pearl milk tea tourist factory in the world, the Kili Bay Milk Tea Culture Center, to share the story of the most populous drink in Taiwan to people around the world.

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1. Slogan:A tapioca ball is rolling all over the world

2. Product Functions:
Assam black tea
The tea that was strictly selected by Shangtong was fermented and processed completely procedure, to create a unique fully fermented tea leaves, the color of brewed tea is bright red and deep red. Fragrance is produced by different kinds completely different smell, natural and sweet taste. The vitamin of fully fermented tea is no less than that of unfermented tea.
• Passion fruit flavored juice:
Shang-Tong adheres to the original taste of the original juice, achieves the highest proportion of the original juice reduction flavored juice in the industry, and retains the rich vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber in the fruit. Shang-Tong concentrated juice has high quality, good stability, multiple types, and can be stored at room tempera-ture,it is suitable for mixed drinks and ice products.
• Colorful pearls:
The main popular product of Shang-Tong, with simple
ingredients and a chewy q-shell, a variety of colors and
flavors are available. they are convenient for beginners
Fast start, greatly reduce the failure rate, and increase the shelf life of specialized vacuum packaging, It is suitable for self use and business.

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