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About Company

Gama Energy is a company dedicated to developing renewable energy by converting various organic waste resources into energy. Utilizing gasification technology, they transform biomass, agricultural waste, and industrial waste into efficient Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF2-5). This RDF is then converted into syngas using RDF-7 technology. The syngas, a renewable energy source, is subsequently converted into electricity using Micro Gas Turbine Generator (MTG), providing stable renewable energy that reduces reliance on traditional sources and helps decrease carbon emissions. Committed to environmental protection and sustainability, Gama Energy employs strict measures throughout the production process to ensure compliance with environmental standards. The company is continuously enhancing its technology and processes to achieve more sustainable energy production and utilization.

Product Name

Biomass energy /Renewable Energy/Bio Char/Bio Hydrogen/ Micro gas turbine generators

Product Info

The GAMA Biomass power plant design, ranging from 19 kW/hr to 2,000 kW/hr, is capable of gasifying virgin biomass (such as wood pieces or chips) as well as organic waste fractions like anaerobic digestate, poultry litter, and sewage sludge from civil and industrial water treatment processes (such as wastewater sludge or paper mill sludge). It is designed to meet all applicable emissions regulations.

Government organization/industry/factory/small community/Hospital who commits to working for ESG/Green or Renewable energy /Circular economy with exist Waste Biomass to Energy.

Product Solutions

GAMA is committed to working towards sustainable development in energy production from renewable sources, featuring the use of innovative and efficient gasifier technology that has extremely low environmental impacts.

GAMA assist the client in every phase of the project, from feasibility study to after-sales service, taking advantage of qualified partners when necessary, to ensure the conditions required for the successful completion of the project:

- Feasibility study (technical/financial)

- Assessment of available biomass

- Implementation of a tailor-made solution

- Assistance for authorizations and permitting procedures

- Supply of “Turnkey” plants

- Training of customer’s personnel for plant management

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