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Company Overview Introduction
Tennrich International Corp. was founded on Sep. 24th, 1986. As a pioneer in Portable Power industry, Tennrich is committed to bringing creative products and deliver the best quality. Besides creation in product design, technology innovation, and manufacturing with worldwide brands.

TennRich's power bank product series are marketed globally, providing B2B and B2C services in various regions. Our product development direction focuses not only on power banks and peripheral products for current smartphone advancements but also on wireless charging, fast charging, embedded batteries, and energy storage solutions. These efforts aim to meet comprehensive mobile energy needs while implementing environmental protection and energy-saving concepts. Based on market demands and quality safety standards, we strive for user-friendly designs that allow consumers to enjoy a worry-free technological life.

• Since 2009, TennRich has collaborated with many internationally renowned brands in production and product design, becoming an authorized partner of Energizer.

• Starting in 2020, TennRich became an authorized partner of Shell.

• Websites:
TennRich: http://www.tennrich.com
Energizer: http://www.energizerpowerbanks.com
Shell : http://www.shellportablepower.com

Product Name

  • • Energizer: power banks (including magnetic wireless power banks), magnetic wireless 3-in-1 stands, multi-function power banks, air compressors, car mounts, blue tooth speakers, party speakers, portable power stations, power strips and replacement batteries.

• Shell: multi-function air compressor and jump starters, portable jump starters, portable air compressors, portable power stations, portable solar panels, car chargers, cables, wall chargers, fast charge power banks.

Product Info

Energizer | Main Products

Shell | Main Products

Product Solutions

• Portable Power Stations Series

The Power Station Series are widely sold on Amazon in the US and other European countries, as well as other niche channels for portable power stations like outdoor activities and emergency use for back up power.  As this category grow rapidly world wide, we provide different capacity and output to suffice the market demand, this product is more for end users with light to mid-rage outdoor activities like on-site camping and construction sites with no power outlets, we aim to have rapid growth in sales this summer and winter 2024-26 specifically in European countries and some Asia region.

• Shell Ride Series

The "Shell Green Mobility Solution (tentative name)" unites four top Taiwanese companies: TennRich, jjPlus, LocoBike, and YULON MOTOR CO., LTD. This team focuses on lightweight electric vehicles and wireless charging technology, offering green energy, zero carbon emissions, and safe power supply. Collaborating with Hong Kong's LocoBike and manufacturing partner YULON MOTOR CO., LTD., which provides demonstration fields, this solution features electric scooters, two-wheeled electric bicycles, and integrates solar panels and energy storage.

The lightweight design is ideal for urban areas, calculating carbon footprints and obtaining carbon credits, meeting Shell's zero-carbon goals. Targeting campuses, resorts, and large factories, this zero-carbon solution offers green energy, automation, safety, and wireless charging. It is waterproof, independent of city electricity, requires no electricity rights application, and can be set up flexibly in suitable locations.

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