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Established in 1989, Feli has transformed its main service from processing of hardware components to manufacturing of food machinery. Starting from the nut butter grinder developed for Japanese customers thirteen years ago, Feli in recent years kept developing various kinds of chocolate Bean-to-Bar production equipment, such as far-infrared roller roasting machine, cocoa bean cracker and winnower, chocolate conching machine, chocolate tempering machine, etc. With one-stop service of R&D, design, manufacturing, and export, Feli Technology, with years of experience in professional technology, continues to provide customers with reliable products, which are used in domestic and foreign catering industry, baking industry, food processing industry, hotel industry, colleges and universities, government agricultural units, farms, and other groups. Feli has great sales figures, and exports our products to more than 60 countries.

Product Name

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1.Product Concept:

1. No need to add water or oil while grinding.
2. Low temperature grinding. Low temperature paste.
3. For multiple kinds of materials.
4. High-powered motor with high grinding speed.
5. Patented grinding disc. Fast cooling rate and high durability.
6. Specialized motor with safety device.
7. Simple and safe operation. Easy to clean.
8. Four levels of grind size.
9. Small space appliance.
10. Small investment, high return.

2.Product Technical:

1. Low grinding temperature helps to make 100% pure nut butter by keeping nuts' flavor and nutrition.
2. The patented 316 stainless steel disc replaces the traditional stone disc which generates high heat and may drop sands in a long term.
3. The self-designed powerful motor leads to high production and equips with over-current protection.

3.Product Target Group:

1. Kitchen equipment supplier / food processing machinery supplier
2. End users
3. Planning the whole factory export

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