OSA (Optimization Solutions Asia Engineering Co. Ltd.)

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About Company

Our mission is to collaborate with top teams and partners to provide our customers with optimized solutions that promote sustainability and sustainable business growth by improving asset performance and reducing carbon footprints.

We are a system integrator (SI) working with both international and domestic partners, specializing in renewable energy systems, including biogas and geothermal power generation systems.

Our team is dedicated to delivering high-value solutions focused on environmental protection, green energy, energy savings, and energy efficiency.

Product Name

1. Biogas enhancement technology

2. Upgrade /renovate existing biogas systems

3. Energy efficiency enhancement (ORC)

Product Info

Stable, User Friendly, Automated, Efficient, Circular Economy, Optimized Investment

Product Solutions

1. Enhancement in biogas production.

2. Upgrades to existing biogas systems for improved performance.

3. Energy efficiency enhancement through waste heat recovery from internal combustion engines (ICE), such as engines and turbines.

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